Can We Help Everyone?

Can we help everyone? NO. Unfortunately, not. There is a point in neuropathy where the damage is so extensive that our NO DRUG, NO SURGERY approach can no longer be effective. So the sooner we examine the extent of your nerve damage, the better. If you were in my office right now, you may even be telling me as others have with tears in their eyes, that you cannot go on living with this constant debilitating pain that never goes away. What we do really works. We are 1 of only about 150 clinics nationwide that use these very specific protocols that regenerate damaged nerves, helping nerves to function better, AND decrease pain and can even completely remove all symptoms associated with diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. We are using very specific, state of the art, breakthrough, non-invasive and non-drug treatment procedures for the relief of severe and constant foot and leg pain caused of neuropathy.