Medical Failures

Our Lasermed Pain Institute specializes in treating those who are suffering from chronic pain and have not responded to drugs, injections, surgery, physical therapy, nor have they been helped by all other forms of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicines, etc.  Our typical patient has been to every specialist in town; the Dr. Rosen’s, the Dr. Berg’s, the Dr. Stein’s, the Dr. Kim’s, the Dr. Lee’s, this neurologist, that neurologist, this pain management specialist, that pain management specialist, but are still suffering from ridiculous pain!  Like most people who suffer from chronic pain, the first stop is their primary care doctor.  Usually they will prescribe some sort of pain killing drug that merely block the pain signals that go to your brain at best.  When that doesn’t work they will refer you to a pain management specialist where you will be given either more powerful pain killing pills or prolotherapy, corticosteroid, or epidural injections.  These usually are hit or miss invasive procedures that carry some risk with them.  When that fails you are usually referred to a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon where the possibility of a nerve block, morphine pump, or even hi risk surgical procedures are done.  The problem with these procedures is that they all carry significant risk to your health and well being.  The prescription pain medications usually have to be taken long term and have undesirable side effects on your kidney, liver, digestion, and nervous systems.  They can even be fatal as more people have died taken prescription medications than in car accidents!  Furthermore, injections have been shown to be a hi risk procedure as permanent nerve damage may occur if the wrong structure is punctured by the needle, and certain patients may have adverse side effects to the drugs being injected. Lastly, the failure rate for back surgeries is much higher that one can imagine, and may result in permanent disability if the wrong structure is cut.  In fact, some of you may even have had surgery but it has failed, leading to repeated surgical procedures, or having the surgical hardware taken out.  In fact failed back surgery is a condition that we often treat and the laser has helped manage many of these failed cases like yours.