We’ve helped hundreds of patients get relief from their pain. Patients often volunteer to share a recorded testimonial. We also allow patients to submit anonymous testimonials in the office.

Written Testimonials



Joseph Cavon, M.D., Santa Ana, CA


Hello I am Dr. Joseph F. Cavon M.D. I am a retired Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Santa Ana. In the last 5 years, I have developed neuropathy and fortunately I am not a diabetic so I’m glad it’s idiopathic. The pain was so bad day and night that I’d hoped it did not have to come to them amputating my feet eventually. I have taken all kinds medications you could think of and nothing has worked. Finally, I read in the papers about Dr. Yoo who had a LRX 60 watt laser instead of the 12 watt laser like what most doctors have.  I went to another doctor and it did not do me any good because I still had the pain day and night. In any case, after one visit with Dr. Yoo and his LRX 60 laser I noticed a very big difference after one visit. My pain went from a 10 down to a 5 and that is for both pain and numbness. I have gotten to almost feeling the floor again with my feet. My neuropathy is getting better and better and I hope to one day very soon be able to run around the block how I use to. Thanks to the good care of Dr. Yoo and his staff.

Dr. Raynaldo Landero, Santa Ana, CA


Hello my name is Dr. Reynaldo Landero I am an Internist Pulmonologist by Craning. I have been practicing for the last 45 years. I teach at USC and White memorial and I am currently the director of both hospitals. I decided to see Dr. Yoo because of my chronic neck pain and severe left shoulder pain. He found out that I have degenerative disease on my cervical spine and left shoulder. He decided that laser treatment and decompression would be beneficial to my chronic pain. Since I have started coming, I have been feeling a lot better in this process. So I would like to say I’m doing better with this treatment. Thank you Dr. Yoo.

Dac Chu, M.D., Huntington Beach, CA


Hello my name is Dac Chu and I am a retired medical doctor holding a license for Physician & Surgeon issued by the Medical Board of California. I have been practicing medicine for more than three decades. I have had diabetes mellitus for more than twelve years with severe peripheral neuropathy. I have tried many medications without any relief. I decided to come and see Dr. Phillip Yoo after hearing of his development for different methods of treatment from a few colleagues. He used the 60 watt LRX laser along with other treatments to help with my condition. Within three months, my numbness level on my hands and feet went from an eight to a three. The frequency of the tingling and muscle cramps used to be a seven but now it has decreased to a three. Furthermore, the pinch in my cervical spine caused me to have pain in my neck and my shoulder, but with the intensity of the treatment Dr. Yoo was giving me, my pain level went from six to a two. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Yoo and Dr. Cho for helping me with my peripheral neuropathy as well as, my cervical spine problem. I am also appreciative towards their dedication to patients.

Dr. Harhari Khalsa, Beverly Hills, CA


My name is Dr. Harhari Khalsa and I’ve been a Beverly Hills chiropractor for 23 years. I injured my knee about two months ago in a pretty bad accident that resulted in a torn meniscus and was in severe pain. I had many different treatments ranging from: prolotherapy, magnetic therapy, electric therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture, but nothing really got rid of the pain. I finally heard about Dr. Yoo and the laser therapy on online and decided to try it out. I’ve had three treatments on my knee, and this weekend was the first weekend I was actually able to go exercise, and today I’m actually pain-free. It’s like a miracle because I actually was considering surgery. I’m extremely pleased with the results, and I’m actually going to buy one of these lasers for myself.

Carla Visnic, Anahiem, CA


Hello my name is Carla Visnic and I am from Anaheim, CA. I have been a nurse for forty years and work on my feet a lot. I have had severe pain from neuropathy for the last twenty years, and crippling pain for the last year that caused me to lose my balance. I have no feeling in my feet that goes up the anterior portion of my leg. I have been to my primary care physician who has prescribed me with pain medication and referred me to a podiatrist who put me on Lyrica and Cymbalta without any effect. I was also referred to a neurologist that put me on Gabapentin. Then one day, I was researching through the internet and came across Dr. Yoo’s site. I came to his clinic, and after just three clinical trials my pain went from a ten to a six. I have feeling in my feet now after so many years. I am also able to do things that I have not been able to do in years, like exercising! The tingling feeling is almost completely gone and I just feel like a miracle has occured. Thank you Dr. Yoo!

Emmy Beltran, Los Angeles


My name is Emmy and I am a retired registered nurse from UCLA Medical Center. I had bad sciatica and I tried everything including pain killers. None of it helped at all. So one day, I was sitting reading the newspaper and saw Dr. Yoo’s article. I then decided that I would go to him and after two laser treatments, I was healed! The sciatica was completely gone. I was able to walk; I was also able to do my ballroom dancing again. Thank you Dr. Yoo! You’re the greatest!


Rose Gomsi, Santa Ana, CA


Hi my name is Rose Gomsi and I am a registered nurse from Santa Ana, CA. I came in with neck pain, low back pain, and sciatica. After fifteen treatments of laser and decompression, my back pain is a zero, my neck pain is a two, and my sciatica is a zero. Now I am able to play tennis with no ill effects to my back or hip. I am really pleased with the treatment and I am so excited that now when I get off work I can make dinner and enjoy it without any pain. Thank you so much Dr. Yoo.


Dijon Douphner, Huntington Beach, CA


My name is Dijon Douphner from Huntington Beach, CA. I’ve always been fairly athletic, loved the outdoors, I played volleyball on a national team. About 6 years ago I had a back injury from a chair that collapsed and since then I’ve had lower back issues, chronic back pain, and inflammation. I have trouble sitting most of the time. I’ve also had a pinched nerve in my neck, so I’ve been researching a lot different avenues for my lower back. Then what I started to do then was the decompression with a chiropractor and physical therapist and that seemed to help a little bit, but it didn’t reduce the pain from sitting. So I pursued into some epidurals and tried that for several years but that was fairly diagnostic and it only gave me temporary relief. And years later I did everything I could besides surgery. I ended up coming to OC Spine Laser Institute and I embarked on a journey to see what their lasers could do for me. I’ve only been doing treatments for a couple weeks but I have definitely felt some relief already. I know things are working and I can’t wait to see a full recovery here in a couple weeks or months.

Lee Perlman, Newport Coast, CA


Hi my name is Lee Perlman from Newport Coast, CA. I have been under the care of chiropractors since the age of 15, so that would be 43 years! I have always found chiropractic care to help because I have degenerative disc disease on my right side; I have also had issues with sciatica my whole life. I am always looking for new treatments. One day, as I was reading the O.C. Register, I came across Dr. Phillip Yoo’s ad on lumbar decompression laser treatment. I tried lumbar decompression twice in the last year and it gave me great relief. Hearing that Dr. Yoo combined the decompression and laser, I thought that it should give me even more relief and it has been working very well. In addition to my lumbar problems, I had also developed Carpal Tunnel. Dr. Yoo used the Graston method along with the laser to relieve a tremendous amount pain and after eight treatments, it’s completely gone. It is just like everything else; you have to be consistent with it. As long as you keep coming to your appointments, I find that it will give you relief and I believe it is curative. I am extremely happy and very impressed! Thank you Dr. Yoo.

Walter Cox, Cerritos, CA


Hi, my name is Walter Cox and I’ve been a neuropathy patient for about ten years, but when I met Dr. Yoo my life changed. He didn’t think he could do anything for me at first but he told me that he’d give me three treatments and let me know whether or not he could help me. So right there I was impressed by the doctor. My son-in-law, an administrative coordinator at Kaiser, on the other hand is a huge skeptic. So Dr. Yoo came to the old folk’s home to meet with my son-in-law and my daughter, a physical therapist at Kaiser for about 28 years. After they talked to each other, my son-in-law and my daughter were firm believers in what the laser had done for my legs, especially after they took a look at my legs after just one treatment. Even my own home health care doctor was impressed by the change and wanted to speak to Dr. Yoo immediately. Everyone that I’ve talked to and have seen my legs were extremely impressed and couldn’t believe it. It’s been a terrific change and I owe it all to Dr. Yoo for everything he’s done for me.

Gary Conrad, Newport Beach, CA


My name is Gary Conrad from Newport Beach, CA. I had my first laser treatment a few days ago for my lower back pain. I was extremely skeptical if the treatment would work. I have tried everything you can think of; epidurals, acupuncture, and chiropractors but nothing ever really worked. I did my first laser treatment, and afterwards there was no pain what so ever. In fact, it actually felt great. When I got off the table the pain was gone, I kept waiting for the pain to return and it has not returned. A lot of people would say that I shuffle when I walk, but ever since the treatment I have not been shuffling. This morning I got up and did not need to take a pain pill. I got in my car drove down here to Dr. Yoo’s office and got out of the vehicle like a normal human being. It’s a miracle!

Wanda Taylor, Newport Beach, CA


I’m Wanda Taylor and I’m from Newport Beach, CA. I have been suffering from swollen feet and neuropathy for about a year now. My feet were so bad that most of the time in the evening I had to take off my shoes because they were so swollen. I’ve been to a couple neurologists, but they all told me there was nothing they could do for me. Going on trips had made the swelling in my feet and ankles progress. So I eventually tried coming into the clinic after seeing Dr. Yoo’s ad hoping the laser could help. I’ve had three treatments now and all of a sudden my swelling went down! Now I can see my ankles and feet again! Most importantly, I am able to put on shoes that don’t hurt! I am able to walk the whole day without it hurting my feet, which is absolutely remarkable. I have been fooling around with doctors and trying medicines that do not agree with me which don’t actually prove to be satisfactory. Thank you Dr. Yoo!


Mary Bessent, Whittier, CA


My name is Mary and I’m from Whittier, CA. For many years, I have been in great deal of pain because of herniated discs in my back. The pain radiated down my left side, to the point in which I was unable to lie in bed. When I used to get up in the morning, I could hardly get out of bed and I could barely walk. Then I saw a supplement that came in the LA times that talked about Dr. Phillip Yoo and I thought “This is exactly what my problems are!” so I called and made an appointment. After my first appointment, my pain had completely vanished! I had a day when I was completely pain free for the first time, which was to me, an absolute miracle! So I am very excited to continue the treatments here with Dr. Yoo. So you might consider it yourself.

Richard Mills, Claremont, CA


My name is Richard Mills and I’m from Claremont, CA. I have been through a series of back operations, beginning with a laminectomy and then eventually the doctors decided to put in metal parts. It’s been extremely painful to go through the process, and over a period of time, it has not solved the problem. Right now I rely upon pills to control the pain but I was tempted to find a better solution and I responded to the advertisements for these laser treatments. After 3 treatments, there has certainly been an improvement for the amount of pain during the day. The amount of times I have had to urinate at night has dramatically decreased from 4-6 times a night to only 2.  I consider the treatments to have been greatly helpful for me getting a good night’s sleep. Thank You Dr. Yoo.

Nettie Gonzales, Los Angeles, CA


Hi my name is Nettie Gonzales I was born in Gallop New Mexico. I now reside in Los Angeles CA. I was fine throughout my life until I had a terrible fall that completely threw me off. I had herniated discs and a shoulder that ripped and I had to have surgery. At first, my spine did not bother me but as time passed, it started to give me this excruciating pain. So as any individual would do, I started Doctor hopping. Unfortunately, all I kept getting back from these Doctors were more and more pain medication. It was like they were taking my wounds and wrapping a bandage over it. One day I was reading the L.A Times, and saw Dr. Phillip Yoo’s ad on decompression and laser treatment and his personal testimonial on what was going on with his body and how these treatments helped him. I told my husband that this was a god send. Everything that Dr. Yoo spoke about was the exact thing that I was going through. So I came to see him for my first session and came off the decompression table feeling so amazing. It was something I have not felt in so long! Then to have the laser done right after the decompression was heaven. My second session was even more amazing, and on the third session I had two decompressions; one on my neck and one on my back. At first, the one on my back felt cold but good. I didn’t realize the cold air was actually needed to combine with the laser because it was so powerful! Let me be the first to say this to all of you out there, who are suffering with the same pain, come and see Dr. Phillip Yoo. His treatments work!!! Thank you Dr. Yoo for helping me gets rid of all the pain that has been my companion for many years.

Agatha Patrick, Cerritos, CA


Hi my name is Agatha Patrick and I am from Cerritos, CA. I suffer from sciatica and I became acquainted with O.C. Spine & Neuropathy last week at a home show. Being a skeptical individual about this type of treatment I said to myself “What can I loose except for pain?” After my first treatment, I was surprised that when went home I was in more pain then when I came in. So I put ice on it and I just had to go to bed early because the ice packs did not take the pain away. But when I woke up the next morning, there was no pain what so ever. At the next visit with Dr. Yoo, he asked me to pin point where the pain was, and I could not. I came in with a pain level of eight and now I am down to a zero. Thank you Dr. Yoo.


Linda Bourgeois, Garden Grove, CA


Hi my name is Linda and I have been dealing with my neck pain since 2001. I have had injections in my neck. I have been to physical therapy. I have also been to chiropractors where they do traction pulls and adjustment of the neck, but it’s very aggressive and it causes me a lot of pain. After hearing about Dr. Yoo I decided why not take the chance I have tried everything else. Just after five treatments the pain in my neck was gone! After all these years it has been released and it feels great. Thank you Dr. Yoo.


Cal Peterson, Mira Loma, CA


Hi my name is Cal Peterson I am from Mira Loma, CA. I hurt my back about seven years ago. I was not able climb the stairs too much. Usually after one flight of stairs I would be in excruciating pain. After hearing about Dr. Yoo I decided why not come and try a treatment. So after one treatment, Dr. Yoo and I decided we were going to walk up six flights of stairs to pin point where the pain was originating from. After the walk up the stairs I did not have any excruciating pain. Thank you Dr. Yoo I look forward for keeping this back pain off for good!!


Alberto Aguilar, Anahiem, CA


Hello my name is Alberto Aguilar I am from Anaheim, CA. I have suffered with back pain for fifteen years. I have tried everything from acupuncture to chiropractors and none have worked for me. One day I was reading the newspaper and saw Dr. Yoo’s Ad. So I came in to see him after the first treatment I felt 50% better, after the second treatment I felt wonderful. From this point, on a scale of one to ten, I give my pain level a three. Now that my pain is going down I can return to work and not have to take any more sick days. Thank you Dr. Yoo.


Steve Eckman, San Pedro, CA


Hi my name is Steven Eckmen I am from San Pedro, CA. I started having back pain around 1997 it has been fifteen years that I have been suffering with this pain. I have been to chiropractors and it’s the same old routines; the adjustment of my back. I would leave the chiropractors office and an hour later the pain would return. I heard about Dr. Yoo’s office so I came in. He did the decompression and laser treatment. I thought, “Well, it should be like any other treatment. I will only feel good for an hour.” But after leaving his office I drove home and the drive was so comfortable and the pain was gone. That evening, as I was lying down for bed, I usually have to stretch then think; here comes the pain. But that night I forgot about my back, the pain did not bother me at all thru out the night. I have not felt this good in years it made me so anxious to come back and report to Dr. Yoo, looking forward for more better things to come thanks Dr. Yoo.

Gary H., Cerritos, CA


Hello my name is Gary. I have had back pain for twenty years off and on. I have been too different chiropractors it seems to help a lot. The only problem with that was the pain never stayed away it came back periodically. I came to see Dr. Yoo when I read on The O.C. Register that he did laser treatment on the lumbar. After just one treatment of the decompression and laser on my back I estimate 90% of the symptoms are gone some are still there, but there are better things to come for me now that Dr. Yoo has given me the laser treatment and decompression. Thank you Dr. Yoo.


Ralph Wynkoop, Cerritos, CA


Hi my name is Ralph Wynkoop and I came to see Dr. Yoo because I have major back pain level that varies from six, seven, and eight. After one treatment I came back the next day to see Dr. Yoo after following his aftercare instructions, my pain level went down to a three. After a series of treatment my pain level is now at a one. Thank you Dr. Yoo!



Max McDaniel, Garden Grove, CA


Hello my name is Max McDaniel I am from Garden Grove, CA. Back in February I was a victim of a hit and run. I have been seeing chiropractor for adjustments which have helped me considerably. One day I saw an ad for Dr. Yoo in the O.C. Register. So I came in to see him and he did a spinal decompression and a laser treatment with the ATM rehabilitation machine. Now my pain level is a one. And it is all thanks to Dr. Yoo and the treatments he provided.


Susan Gabriel, Irvine, CA


Hi my name is Susan Gabriel I am from Irvine, CA. I came in to see Dr. Yoo for my lower back pain. When I came in for the first time, I had a pain level of eight. I have tried epidurals and other medications but none of them worked. I could not bend forward because it hurt so badly. After just having one treatment of decompression and laser, I am able to touch my toes and walk more now than before. It makes me want to cry and there not tears of sadness, more like tears of joy. I am a believer!! Thank you Dr. Yoo


Nick O’Toole, Laguna Beach, CA


Hi my name is Nick O’toole I am from Laguna Beach, CA. I came to Dr. Yoo because I had sciatica, and after just having two treatments I noticed a huge difference! I was able to drive about two hundred miles without any pain, and let me tell you it was great. I also had a vibration treatment on my back and it felt great. I still have a little pain on my back, but that’s why I am going to keep coming for my treatments, thank you Dr. Yoo for getting me back on the road.


Carolyn Greely, Costa Mesa, CA


Hello my name is Carolyn Greely and I am from Costa Mesa, CA. I met Dr. Yoo at an R.V. show. I decided to come in for my treatments on my hip. The first two treatments were fantastic. I have been coming for a couple of months now. It was really hard for me to put my foot down without feeling an excruciating pain running down my leg. Now I am able to go up my stairs with less pain, and I don’t have to hold on to things to keep my balance thanks to Dr. Yoo.


Harley Frost, San Juan Capistrano, CA


Hi my name I Harley Frost and I am from San Juan Capistrano, CA. I came in with a protruding L4 and L5 lumbar. It was basically the worst pain I have ever experienced. I play volleyball for my college when this pain began in April. I really did not think much of it but it got worst. So around June, I started to seek help from different doctors and chiropractors. The doctor’s told me to do stretches and pain relieving exercises but nothing was helping me, my pain was still there. I even signed up for physical therapy and it still was not helping me. My girlfriend heard about Dr. Yoo on the radio, so I came in with a pain level of six to eight. After having the laser and decompression treatments, I am back to playing volleyball and my pain level now is at a low two. This treatment has done so much better for me then physical therapy. I thank my girlfriend for listening to the radio, and thank Dr. Yoo for helping me get back to the sport I love to play.

Lewis Phan, San Clemente, CA


Hi my name is Lewis Phan and I am from San Clémente, CA. I developed a problem on my neck, shoulder, spine, and my lower back. I have had many different treatments that vary from orthopedist to injections and acupuncture, but none of them worked. For four months I have not been able to turn my neck left or right. I came in to see Dr. Yoo and he used the laser on my neck, spine, shoulder, and lower back. Now I am able to move my neck left to right my back feels great! I am very happy with the results because now I can move my shoulders without pain. I can tell you without any hesitation that after three sessions I feel less pain. If Dr. Yoo can fix my problem then he can fix yours too.

Cheryl Welch, Corona, CA


Hello, my name is Cheryl from Corona, CA. I came here to see Dr. Phil because I had pain in my knees. I had previously tried cortisone shots and that was temporary relief for about three to four months. I eventually saw an ad in the LA times so I decided to give Dr. Phil a call. Today is my third day of laser treatment and now I can get and stand up without that excruciating pain in my knee. So only after three treatments, my knees are feeling a lot better.


Clinton Steele, Anaheim, CA


My name is Clinton from Anaheim, CA. and I have had lower back pain for many years. I have had all different kinds of treatments for my pain. I have used pain pills to take it away, but it still came back in a short while. Recently, I purchased a machine that stretched my back and it helped, but in a year of treatment it came back. So I came to Dr. Yoo and had the laser treatment. At first it was sore, so I went home and iced it down twice for about 20 minutes. As the day wore on, it got better by that evening and there was less pain. In the morning, still less pain than what I am use to. The neuropathy on my foot usually occurred at night before I go to bed, but now I feel it a lot less.

Joe Muniz, Costa Mesa, CA


Hello my name is Joe Muniz and I am from Costa Mesa, CA. I have suffered with shingles for three and a half years. I have tried acupuncture, all forms of pills, and all sorts of remedies. I found Dr. Yoo’s the L.A. Times of the laser treatment for my shingles, so I thought I would come and give it a try. The first three treatments I got with the laser gave me enormous relief from the itching of the shingles because it drove me crazy for years. They come and go, but now that I have had several treatments I feel a sixty percent improvement or maybe even more. I am very pleased with the results that have occurred with my treatments. I look forward for my maintenance program thank you Dr. Yoo!

Lois & Roger Anderson, Huntington Beach, CA


My name is Roger Anderson I brought my wife Lois because she has a difficult time walking and she was also hobbling. It got to the point where she had to use a walker. She had such a terrible time going up the stairs. We wanted to find out more about neuropathy. Then one day I was reading in the newspaper and saw Dr. Yoo’s ad, so my wife and I decided to come and see him. We have had such a tremendous success. I am so amazed at what my wife can do after just three treatments. I plan on having my wife continue doing this treatment with Dr. Yoo until we are able to go ballroom dancing. Thank You Dr. Yoo.

Shirley Louie, Huntington Beach, CA


Hello my name is Shirley Louie and I am from Huntington Beach, CA. I came to see Dr. Yoo because I have arthritis in both ankles and severe pain on my right side, as well as numerous back problems. I have a lot of arthritis and spinal degeneration and severe balance and equal Librium problems that caused me to walk with a walker. After just one treatment I felt remarkably better on my back. I had less discomfort and the pain from my arthritis in my ankle was better. I was able to sleep without taking pain medication. All the other physicians offered me no hope or any improvement to my condition. I am very happy that I have found Dr. Yoo’s laser treatment and it has helped me considerably.

David Murray, Fullerton, CA


Hello my name is David Murray of Fullerton, CA. I came across the O.C. Register and read about Dr. Yoo. I’ve been meaning to come and see him since December 2011, but because of my neck surgery I could not come in. So I decided to come on May of 2012 after I had healed and started my decompression & laser treatment for my lumbar and I am so pleased with the results. I hope to very soon stop using my cane stick and just start walking normally, maybe even run. Thank you Dr. Yoo for your honesty and for the treatments that you have provided, I am so happy I found you.


Cherry Ellis, Buena Park, CA


My name is Cherry Ellis and I’ve been in severe pain for about 6 or 8 months now, the pain goes down the back of both my legs, on my hips, as well as my lower back. I had been going to a chiropractic doctor for years and years. I’ve had pain in my back for about 45 years off and on in different places and I tried laser last year with another doctor. It took a lot of sessions but it worked, and then all of sudden the pain started in both of my legs. I saw an ad in the orange county register and I came in initially with my husband because he had neuropathy and I wanted him to try the laser. Dr. Phil ended up examining me as well and I decided to try it on my legs. This is my 7th treatment today and I feel at least 40% better. The pain in my lower legs is much better and the pain in the upper legs is definitely better but not exactly where I want it to be and I hope to continue treatment until all the pain is gone.

Donald Ellis, Beuna Park, CA


My name is Donald and I’ve had neuropathy in my feet for 5 years now. I’ve been to Dr. Straus for 32 visits but it didn’t help. I spent a lot of my money without success and my neuropathy eventually got so bad to where I had to stay off my feet for 5 weeks because they hurt so much. I could walk for maybe 5 minutes then I’d have to stop. I also love to play golf so it was extremely hard for me to stop doing what I enjoy most. My wife saw Dr. Yoo’s ad in the paper and she wanted me to come down here but I had my doubts because I tried it before and it didn’t work. After coming down and receiving laser treatment on my legs and feet, after 5 treatments I was able to walk and play golf again. I told my wife that I finally had feeling in my feet again and she told me that she hadn’t heard me say that in 5 years. My feet are constantly getting better. I’m walking again, I can play golf again, and I’m getting happy again so these treatments are really working for me.

Lynn Kliminski, Irvine, CA


Hi, my name is Lynn and I’m from Irvine, CA. I read about Dr. Phil from the Orange County Register. I have previously tried chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture for my sciatica in the past. My sciatica used to be about a 9 or 10 on a pain scale. The acupuncture and chiropractic visits were somewhat helpful but after my three trial visits with Dr. Phil, I am now able to get up in the morning and resume my normal routines. The treatments have really helped, thank you Dr. Yoo.


David “DJ” Jones, Omaha, NE


I’m DJ Jones and I’m a former NFL player from Omaha, Nebraska. When I was in the NFL, I was getting anti-inflammatory pills which didn’t do much for my situation with my back and disc. I’ve coming to Dr. Yoo for about three weeks, three times a week now, and I can actually feel a significant difference in the way I feel. For instance, I’ve been sitting down in my car and I haven’t been able to feel the pain shooting down from my sciatic nerve as much anymore. I know when I first came to see Dr. Yoo, my pain was usually about an 8, and now after these treatments, I can honestly say I’ve been around a 3 or 4 on a pain scale. I can now sit down for longer periods of time without it hurting. If you have any problems that are similar or equal to mine I would suggest for you to come to Dr. Phillip Yoo, because I definitely believe that this laser therapy works.

Patricia Voss, Costa Mesa, CA


My name is Patricia from Costa Mesa, CA. I’ve been suffering for 40 years from chronic pain due to a car accident. I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. I’ve had lots of different treatments from Mexico to LA, but none of the treatments worked until I came to Dr. Phillip. I was really depressed when I first came here because I had tried almost everything and it all failed, but low and behold, the treatments did work and I’m feeling a lot better! The treatments are working a little bit on the slow side, but I’ve had this pain for a very long time, and I can feel a difference. I’ve been coming 2x a week at the Lasermed Pain Institute, and Dr. Phillip had been taking very good care of me. He’s been very patient, and given me lots of treatment so I’m very happy. For those people out there who are really, really suffering, you can go anywhere you like and check everything out but you’d be very crazy not to come to Dr. Yoo first. So please pick up the phone and call now!

Lucille Robinson, Huntington Beach, CA


I’m Lucille Robinson from Huntington Beach, CA and I had a leg amputation about two years ago. I have not been able to walk with my prostisus because it hurts too badly when I put weight on it. I have tried everything from injections, pain management, acupuncture, and whatever I could get ahold of. I saw the ad about the laser clinic and I thought this would be my last chance of getting any help. I’ve done about 5 treatments and now I am able to walk with the walker and my hip does not hurt as badly. Thank You Dr. Phil.


Spencer F., Laguna Beach, CA


Hi I’m Spencer and I just started getting treatments by Dr. Yoo for the past month. I’ve had prior experiences playing football for USC for about 5 years. During my time in college football, I developed a pretty severe back problem. None of the treatments were effective at the school. I saw a bunch of specialists, but they had no conclusive diagnosis. Since graduating; I’ve sought out acupuncture therapy, muscular therapy, physical therapy, and pretty much anything you could do. Unfortunately, nothing would help in any way. I was at the end of my rope and sprung on the article about Dr. Yoo. This was the last treatment I was going to try before back surgery and since I’ve started with Dr. Yoo, my back has improved dramatically. 5 years of pain have gone away, and I am now able to sleep through the night, which is something I wasn’t able to do before. I can work out a lot more actively than I was able to before and I feel much better.

Carl Johnson, Corona Del Mar, CA


Hi, I’m Carl Johnson from Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach. I’ve had shingles and neuralgia for over 10 years and I’ve tried everything under the sun to try to get rid of this pain. The shingles pain literally hurt 24 hours a day. I’ve been taking 9 gabapentin 300 mg pills a day, but it just barely took the edge off. I saw the ad in the paper about Dr .Yoo and decided I’d come over to the clinic to see what it was all about. After just the first two treatments, this pain almost disappeared completely! I’m very excited about the possibilities of getting rid of this pain forever, so we’ll see what happens as I take two or three more of these treatments.

Cheryl Michaels, Costa Mesa, CA


My name is Cheryl Michaels, and I’m from Costa Mesa, CA. I was a victim of multiple car accidents. I tried just about everything including chiropractor visits, pain management, and acupuncture which did help a little to relieve the pain. I was told that I would be crippled within four years, so I went online and happened to find Dr. Phillip Yoo. After the third laser treatment, I can get up and out of bed; I can walk down the stairs. It’s a miracle!


Bill Melnik, Fountain Valley, CA


My name is Bill Melnik, I’m 76 years old and from Fountain Valley, CA. I was a sportsman who has had several injuries; one in which was a bad knee accident resulting in a knee replacement. The problem was that I have had bad circulation mainly in my right foot which gave me numbness at night time, a lot of pain, in ability to sleep on the right side at night, and swollen feet. All the doctors did was prescribed me pain pills, but obviously it was just a band-aid approach to the problem. I saw Dr. Yoo’s ad in the paper on laser technology and I made an appointment to come in for a consultation and to start some treatments. After the first couple treatments, the pain in my hips went away, my numbness went away, the circulation in my feet were much improved, and after 6 sessions, I would say I’m completely cured. I would recommend this technology and treatment to anybody who has this type of pain.

Margarita Hampton, Gilbert, AZ


I’m Margarita Hampton, and I was suffering from a lot of pain. I was lucky enough that my friend recommended this treatment for neuropathy at Dr. Phillip Yoo’s office. So I came here from Arizona and had my first appointment last week and it was marvelous! My left foot was swollen, and I was suffering from a lot of pain around my ankles but after the laser treatment it was totally taken care of. It felt as if there were shackles around my ankles and that was also taken care of with one treatment. I was able to attend an exhibit with my friend and I was able to walk around the museum without any pain! It was marvelous, and I was so fortunate to able to do that because the week before I came into treatments, I was not able to do that. The laser treatments gave me the opportunity to be more active which I wasn’t before. I was able to sleep 6 hours last night, which is a miracle! So I think I am getting much better. Thank you Dr. Yoo!

Louise Sobieski, Mission Viejo, CA


My name is Louise Sobieski, and I’m from Mission Viejo, CA. I am an educator so I tend to be on my feet often. I have severe inflammation in my legs to the point where I had doplers done on my legs to see if there were any signs of blood clotting. I’ve been prescribed drugs, but nothing seemed to give me any relief. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Yoo’s clinic, and upon the first treatment, I saw a real difference in the swelling of my legs. On my second treatment, I was able to wear shoes that I haven’t been able to fit in for the last two years. Due to the cramping, pain, and swelling in my legs; the past couple of years I had to buy shoes in all different sizes in order to feel comfortable. After these treatments these past couple of weeks; I feel as though the swelling has gone down dramatically, the cramping has relieved, and I’m able to function a lot better than I was before. I’m very appreciative for these treatments and I plan on continuing and getting to a full recovery.

Jim Carson, San Clemente, CA


Hi, I’m Jim Carson, I live in San Clemente, CA. I had chemotherapy twice from cancer, which left me with tingling in my feet, and they were so numb they felt like needles poking through them. I’ve had three laser treatments now and the tingling is all gone. There still a little bit numb, but the major thing I came in here for was a bad shoulder. I couldn’t raise my arm but 45 degrees and after the third treatment I can raise it all the way up over my head with no problem at all! I play handball, so you can imagine what it means to me. I thank Dr. Yoo for treating me as good as he has.

CaptureBob Hogue, Newport Beach C.A.

I’m sixty years old, I’ve been having problems with my knees, I have had several knee surgeries over the years. Sometimes the knee would buckle with pain, I was frustrated, and felt that I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. So I came in here and, voila. Some positive things happened literally my first visit, and after six visits, I’ve really shown a lot of improvement in strength and stability. I’m walking longer, I’ve gone on a couple hikes, It’s all been very positive. The swelling in the area has reduced. The laser treatments have been fantastic. So I’m a believer. I definitely am.

CaptureRoy Reaser, Fullerton C.A.

My name is Roy Reaser, I live in Fullerton and I am an avid bicyclist. I was experiencing an awful lot of knee pain, during a ride, and after. I was also having a lot of sharp tingling in the left three toes. I heard about the laser treatment, and decided to come in for an evaluation. After the first treatment, the tingling in the toes went away. I’ve now completed six treatments, yesterday between treatments I rode twenty-six miles and had no problem.



CaptureGary Koger, Brea C.A.

Hi my name is Gary Koger, I live in Brea, C.A. And I happened to be reading about Dr. Yoo’s laser treatments. I am scheduled already for two bilateral knee replacements in January, and I decided that I would come in and see what a laser could do for me. I had six treatments, and after the treatments I had my doubts, but I felt better in a number of areas. I don’t see the swelling in my knees that I had before. I feel that I still have a little pain but the good news is that some of the pain has disappeared.